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Besides the obvious requests for losing weight and body toning that I normally get, every now and then there are special requests.  One of these requests typically are for a firmer buttox or just a bigger one.  This is as easy as apple pie to add to someones workout regimen, but must have a plan of atttack.  Simply working out your legs more often will not get the desired results.  Targeting the “glutes” is what you need to do without adding too much more size on the quads and hamstrings.  When completing the following exercises, try to do as much weight as you can for 10-12 reps each set.  Remember, we are looking to grow the muscle bigger, not just to get a good workout:


Donkey Kicks-  This glute specific exercise targets both the glute muscles as well as the hamstrings.  Check out this link for an example:  Donkey Kick


Jumping Squats- This exercise uses the plyometrics theory of using an explosive movement to shock the muscles.  Check out this link for an example: Jumping Squat


Single Leg Squats-  Anytime you perform an exercise with a single leg, your glute muscle has to act as the stabilizer muscle.  This adds extra work to the muscle and will help accomplish the mission we wish to achieve.  Check out this link for an example: Single Leg Squat

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