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The diet is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.  With careful management one can easily stay away from harmful foods containing saturated or trans fats.  A lot of Americans have strayed away from a higher protein diet, which is why they lose out on the thermogenic effect of being on one (fat burning).  Remember, the RDA’s that are on all the nutrition labels are for an average, somewhat sedentary individual with little or no daily training regimine.  The more active one is with weight training and cardiovascualar activity, the more protein is needed in the body.

Another tip is to stray away from the Big 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and adopting a more balanced meal plan of at least 5 smaller meals a day.  This creates a better absorption rate of nutrients instead of getting sent back to the liver and being stored as fat.  The general rule of thumb for a meal is the 1-2-3 approach:  1 part fat, 2 parts protein and 3 parts carbohydrates.  This means for every 100 calories consumed, no more than 2 grams of fat should be part of it.  

Lastly, there are few people who can or want to stay on a strict diet plan for the rest of their lives.  Give yourself a cheat meal at least once a week, but remember to keep everything in moderation.  This increase in calories and fat thrown in once a week will help shock the system and speed up the body’s metabolism to burn it off.  Remember to go right back to the weekly routine afterwards to continue on with your weight loss program.  This system is called the Zig Zag approach and is a lot better in keeping someone faithful to the dieting rather than killing yourself for 2 months and never wanted to try again. 

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