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Dining Out Tip #1:

Everyone is bound to stray away from their healthy diets at some point…right?!  The only thing we can do when headed out to a nice dinner or happy hour with friends is to be prepared and  knowledgeable about the choices we make when ordering food and beverages. 

As you can see from the pic above, a couple of friends and I went to the local taco shack for a few drinks and some yummy food.  First thing to look at is all the cheese on the side of the plate instead of being inside the taco shell.  Now, I could have ordered it without it, but I wanted to demonstrate how much cheese can be on just one taco.  That’s about 10-15 grams of fat sitting on the side of my plate!

Cheeses contain a very high content of saturated fats (the bad kind of fat) .  In fact, one easy way to know if something is high in saturated fats or poly/unsaturated fats is the simple fact of being a liquid or solid.  Saturated fats at room temperature form into a solid and liquid when heated.  That said, depending on the type and how much cheese a restaurant is putting on a particular meal, you can take a good chunk of that fat intake down by simply ordering without cheese.  Add that up over a week and were looking at some future beach bodies. 

For those cheese lovers out there, avoid ordering cheese when dining out.  To get your cheese-fix on, purchase cheeses from your local grocery store that are less saturated, especially the “reduced fat” kinds. Personally, I like the reduced fat cheeses at Trader Joe’s…and their prices are excellent too. Enjoy!

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