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Another update to Evolve Gym’s Q & A!


Q: Does jump-roping bulk up your calves?
I don’t want to bulk up my calves, so I was wondering if that was a problem. Also, if it does, what are some ways to slim down the leg muscles excluding running.


A: Yes, jump roping will help build the calf muscles (some size increase). If you’re trying to slim them down, I would stay away from the jump roping, calf machines and sprinting. The best way to slim them is to lose overall bodyweight (body fat) by moderate weight training and cardio. This will help keep your calves a bit slimmer and look more defined.


Q: I’m 13 and just reaching 5’1 and I weigh about 116-118. I feel obese.
As the title says, I’m 13 (just turned 13 over the summer), and barely hit the 5′ mark weighing in at 116-118lbs.  I easily gain weight, so I’m worried that it will continue to change.


Any who, I’m also a size 5 in jeans because of my overly-large calves. My calves are the same size as my thighs, which easily fit in a size 3. I’m so embarrassed to walk around in Capri’s or shorts because of how large they are, but it’s muscle not fat. I’m mostly concerned about making my calves, arms, and stomach-area smaller. I know that I can’t just target areas around my body for where I’d like to lose weight.


PLEASE HELP! I’m desperate for answers on both weight loss and opinions.


A: It’s hard to say if you’re overweight without getting your body fat %. If you hate running (which could make your calves a bit larger anyways), I would suggest to start going to some fitness classes at your local gym. Losing some of your body fat will help trim up those calves a bit. Also do not be afraid to train your legs, you just want to stay away from jumping, sprinting exercises that target the calve muscles. Stay with the elliptical trainers rather than the treadmills or bikes. It may look like all muscle, but if you can pinch even the slightest amount of fat off your calves, there is a chance to lose about an inch or so around which is HUGE! Your calves will look so much better and will in turn be more proportional to your upper legs.


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