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Brad push up

Try this move in the morning when you roll out of bed, and again in the evening before hitting the sack. Start in a push-up position, shoulders directly above hands, and your navel pulled up toward your spine. Lift your right foot off the ground and bend that knee toward your opposite elbow. Return the right leg to the start and repeat on the right side. Move the legs as quickly as you can without compromising your form. Maintain a stable trunk. Your hips should not sway side to side and your spine should remain neutral, not dipping down or rounding.


Start with 30 seconds of mountain climbers in the morning and at night and work your way up to one minute. This aerobic exercise works your legs, glutes, and core muscles.


We modified this exercise at Evolve to avoid any wrist discomfort by dropping down to the forearms, and increased the intensity and difficulty level by suspending the feet in TRX straps. Happy mountain climbing!

Jamie moutain climbers