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Burpees are a move that everyone loves to hate. But we just can’t seem to break up with them because of their overall effectiveness. We want you to try a variation of this total body cardio move that we call the sumo burpee. This modification alters the starting position of the original and is typically more knee-friendly. Add this exercise twice a day to your routine this week.

 sumo burpee 2


Start with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and your toes pointed slightly outward. Squat straight down pushing your hips back with your knees directly above your ankles. Place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor and jump your feet back into a plank position. Bracing your core, jump your feet back to a wide stance near your hands. Stand up and jump with your arms raised overhead. That is one rep.


sumo burpee


Add this move for 30 seconds in the morning before you head out the door and again in the evening. Gradually increase the time each day, working up to a 1 minute set. To up the intensity even further, add a push-up to each sumo burpee.


No equipment is necessary for this total body toning move. Sumo burpees strengthen your legs and glutes and also raise your heart rate. Embrace your inner sumo wrestler and crank out this exercise of the week!