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synchronized lunges

Striving for sculpted, toned legs? Then take kindly to lunges. They develop the thighs and strengthen the hips. Lunges target two primary muscle groups:


1) the hip extensors – comprised of the gluteal muscles (glutes) and hamstrings

2) the knee extensors – made of four muscle groups that are collectively known as the quadriceps (quads)


dumbbells 25 lbsThe often overlooked adductor (inner thigh) and abductor (outer thigh) muscles are also developed in lunges. These slightly smaller and less visible parts of the leg provide hip stability that is crucial for athletic performance.


Increase the intensity of your standard walking lunges with the addition of weights. You can hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides to challenge your legs even further. Strengthen your arms simultaneously by performing a bicep curl at the bottom of each lunge. Aim for 3 sets of 20 walking lunges with a weight that is challenging but does not cause you to break form.