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You hear everyone talk about setting goals in fitness, especially after the New Year.  There is a reason for this…IT WORKS!  You should always be training with a goal in mind, whether it be for a marathon, lose a certain amount of weight or to become better at a certain sport.  This helps you focus more in your workouts rather than it just being another hour of torture.  Also, there is no problem in setting multiple goals and switching your training up each week.  This will give your body a break as you switch gears to the other goal in mind.


Now there is the extreme where someone can say they would like to powerlift and bulk up, but would also like to loose 10 lbs.  This is not really the best combination to perform as it is pretty much contradictory.  However, say you would like to bulk up by lifting heavier, but also to be a bit more agile for a certain sport.  This can be possible.


Let me give you an example of my current goals and training plan:


Day 1: Lower Body (8-10 reps)
Day 2: Upper Body (8-10 reps)
Day 3: Lower Body (8-10 reps)
Day 4: Upper Body (8-10 reps)
* I’ll do 4-5 sets at a slow pace to give my body the chance to recuperate from the heavy lifting.


Day 1: Agility Training (i.e. box jumps, ladder work, shuttle runs)
Day 2: Upper Body (6-8 reps)
Day 3: Agility Training
Day 4: Upper Body (6-8 reps)
*I still keep the bulking phase for my upper body, however, I also want to stay quick and agile for Soccer games that I play once a week.


Come Summer time, I will switch up the training plan to a cutting phase and start a different plan for losing weight and higher reps.  Stay tuned!


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