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So you’ve decided your New Year’s Resolution and this year you are determined to keep it. You want to get into better shape! If you have already created a healthy eating plan you are on the right track. Next you need to figure out a workout program to help you reach your goals. There are many options, from fitness classes and exercise DVDs to home gyms and recreational sports leagues. Choosing which route to take can be tricky. For the most part, people decide to either join a gym or sign up with a personal trainer. There are pros and cons for each option, but both are available to help you along your New Year’s Resolution path.


When deciding between either a gym membership or a personal trainer, most people think in terms of how much of a hit their wallet will take. But if your goal is to improve your fitness, lose weight, build strength, and increase endurance, which option will help you get there? Individual training and small group training, while typically more expensive than a monthly gym membership, will more likely get you results. A personal trainer holds you accountable for showing up to your sessions, whereas at a gym you are the only one who keeps track. You do not necessarily need to see your trainer four times per week. You can schedule one or two sessions a week and your trainer can build a home exercise program for your other days.


A common problem gym members find is that they lose weight during their first month of joining and after that they do not see results. Often times, people become accustomed to using the same cardio machines and repeat the same exercises with every gym visit. Their body gets used to doing the same things over and over and as a result, the fitness level plateaus. A personal trainer solves this problem by customizing each session as you develop your fitness. A trainer has the knowledge to increase weights, reps, modify moves to become more challenging, and adding in new exercises that you may have never seen. Another part of a personal trainer’s job is to correct your form so you are getting the most out of each exercise and also preventing injuries. The misuse of equipment is a problem that many gyms face and the people that are not using the machines properly are completely unaware because no one is there to guide them. With a personal trainer, you do not have to worry about beating the crowds or waiting in line for the treadmill. You can schedule appointments that work with your busy schedule so the one hour you devote to exercise that day is worth your while.


The personal trainers at Evolve Gym can help you get started with a customized workout program to help you with your resolution today. We have training packages that are reasonably priced and our experienced and friendly trainers will keep you motivated.