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Alright everyone, it’s that time when we succumb to all the parties and delicious holiday foods for two straight months.  Let’s not make the same food-indulging and weight-gaining mistakes from season’s pasts.  This year lets pledge to eat wiser and avoid some of the holiday dining pitfalls.  Here are just a few helpful holiday eating tips that will get you primed for all those New Year’s resolutions:

#1 All those times you smacked your kids hands with that wooden spoon for sampling all the goodies, can stop right now.  Having a sampler of a few items will help curb the appetite for that big dinner and will actually hinder oneself from taking that extra scoop of mashed potatoes or sweet yams.  Eating two smaller meals will help keep that metabolism running full steam and will allow your body to use most of the food for fuel rather than being stored as fat.

#2 Fill your plate with more of the veggies and meats than the mashed potatoes, rolls and other starches.  Protein takes the longest to digest and will help keep your body fuller longer.  This will hinder your possible “seconds” and “thirds!”

#3 Portion control! Don’t get caught in the trap of sampling too much of every single item.  The fact is if you put it on your plate, you’ll most likely finish it.  Your eyes are always hungrier than your stomach and it takes a while for the brain to send your body the message that you ate too much in one sitting.

#4 My secret weapon for the holidays…Thermo-bond!  This is a fiber supplement that bonds to fatty acids leaving it useless for the body to digest.  If your going to cheat, do it right!  You can check out a demonstration on YouTube if you don’t believe me:

#5 Back away from the sauces.  Gravy, cranberry sauce, ranch dip, artichoke dip, cheese dip, buttery sauces, heavy salad dressings, to name a few types of calorie intensive, highly available sauces, seem to be on every table during holiday gatherings.  These sauces are filled with unnecessary calories, saturated fats, salts, sugars and preservatives your body can definitely do without.  I’m not saying you can’t try the tasty sauces, just refer back to rule #3 (portion control) and monitor your intake.

#6 Avoid sitting at the appetizer and food tables for extended lengths of time.  If your in a social setting, sitting next to the cheese and cracker platter, chances are you will nibble, especially if you are having a great time and sipping on your favorite adult beverage.  If you notice you’ve been stationed in one area for a while, move around and try to sit in place that the food is less accessible.  This will help you avoid mindlessly chopping on food you’re not even hungry for.

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