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Weight Training:

Weight training is sometimes overshadowed by the need for cardiovascular exercise.  Both have a level of importance in keeping those pounds off, but weight training has a duo effect that not many people realize.  Not only does it speed up our metabolism by increasing our muscle size, but the actual repairing of muscule through protein actually requires energy from fat.  Knowing this might get some of you to steer away from that 7 days a week 3mile run and start hitting the gym.
2-3 times a week is the minimum amount to create an environment for muscle growth, however 4-5 times is optimal.  The reason lifting is so important is that the muscles it creates actually raises your resting BMR (basal metabolic rate).  This is the amount of calories that your body will burn if you were resting on your back all day wide awake.  You can see how by increasing this number, your body will literally burn through more of the fat stored in your body without doing anything else.
Eating a well-balanced meal with plenty of carbohydrates about a 1 and ½ hours before a workout will keep you from losing too much blood sugar and energy while lifting for an hour.  The most important part of timing a meal comes right after a workout.  The body is near completely empty of its glycogen levels (stored muscle energy) and by taking a post-workout drink with protein and sugar, your body absorbs the nutrients more efficiently than in any other part of the day.  This also helps wash away lactic acid buildup that causes soreness and also the hormone cortisol, which is released in the body during strenuous exercise and can break down a lot of muscle that you are trying to keep.

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