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List of Calve Exercises
For those of you who want to step up the program for better and faster results, I wanted to compile a list of calf exercises.  I myself have to tone done the program due to some tendonitis in the Achilles tendon and use other “lighter” methods of calf training.  So here is my top ten “outside the box” training methods that differ from the standard machines:
1.      Running backwards outside or on treadmill.  (Tip toes only)
2.      Single leg jump rope, or just jumps
3.      Standing on the edge of ellipticals, arc trainers or stair stair steppers
4.      High Jumps with med balls
5.      Wind sprints, especially on the beach if available
6.      Heel walking, with light weights (You don’t want to run like this as it creates a pounding effect on the heel which isn’t too good for your joints) this will work out the shin muscles.
7.      Seated leg press (using the edge for your calves)
8.      Lunges on tip toes
9.      Emphasizing the calf flexion on spin bikes
10.   Box jumps while landing on tip toes.

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