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We have a new fitness challenge for all the enthusiasts out there.  It’s comprised of a blend of circuit training with metabolic training that targets the upper body only.  This is not for the average gym rat, but more for people more accustomed to HIT training (high intensity training) and is extremely challenging. This will be a 4 level series of difficulty Several of the trainers have failed the contest on the first try so far, but we finally had someone complete it last night!  It is possible.  Here is the men’s challenge:
Level 1: Must be completed in under 40 min and can do in any order and in any amount until the totals are done.
  • 100 Sit Ups
  • 60 Pull Ups
  • 80 Bicep Curls 45lb bar
  • 80 Jungle Gym XT rows
  • 6 min low level cardio (use as a rest whenever you need it)
After this is completed here is the second half:
  • 80 Bench Press 135lbs
  • 80 Chest Flys 15lbs
  • 80 Dog Walkers
  • 100 Cable Overhead Tricep Press
  • 6 min low level cardio (same thing, use when needed)
That’s it! If anyone is interested in excepting this challenge, there is a T-shirt as a prize upon completion from any of our hosted dates for this contest.
*Evolve Gym is a private personal training gym located in Huntington Beach servicing the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. We focus in innovative training techniques to achieve weight loss and lean muscle gain.