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hcg waistline image (2)We are doing it again! The New Year is coming and we want to give you some motivation to drop those extra holiday pounds. The weight loss challenge is six weeks in length and measures total body fat percentage lost. The person who loses the most body fat wins money!



When: Monday, January 13 – February 24, 2014


Where: Evolve Gym

2 measurement days: Day 1 on January 13, and Final Day on February 24


Cost to participate: $20


Cash Prize!



You only need to show up twice for the challenge, once to measure your starting body fat percentage on day one and again after six weeks. A healthy diet and exercise is the focus of the program. Sign up for affordable individual and group training packages at Evolve Gym to help you get into shape and keep you accountable during the six weeks. We also have the all natural HCG Diet drops and nutrition plan in stock to help kick start your weight loss. Stop by Evolve Gym or call (714) 330-1025 to sign up for the weight loss challenge. We are excited to see the new you in the new year!