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Using different equipment during your workout is a great way to target specific muscle groups and get into shape. But if you do not have access to this, the gym is crowded and there’s a line for everything, or you only have time for a quick workout at home, you can still get results with minimal equipment. Here is a twenty minute workout that only requires one dumbbell. Use the heaviest weight you can handle for the exercises while still maintaining your form. Do the specified number of reps for each move then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next. After you’ve gone through the circuit once rest for a minute. Repeat the circuit for a total of four times.

Remi bent over row

Begin with a 5 minute warm up. This can be a run around your neighborhood, jumping rope, riding a stationary bike, jumping jacks, or any other exercise to heat your muscles and get your heart rate going.


Move 1: Dumbbell Squat

Stand with your feet hip-width apart holding the dumbbell in front of your chest vertically. Tighten your core, push your hips back, and squat down as low as you can. Keeping the weight in the heels of your feet, press back up to the start. Do 15 reps.


Move 2: Chest Press

Lie face up on a bench or stability ball with both arms raised up to the ceiling. Start with the dumbbell in your right hand. Bend your right elbow and lower the weight down to your chest. Press back up to the start. Do 10 reps then repeat on the left side.


Move 3: Bent-Over Row

Kneel on your left knee on a bench and hold on with your left hand directly below your shoulder. Holding the dumbbell in your right arm, bend your elbow and pull the weight up to your rib cage. Lower back to the start. That’s one rep. Do 10 then switch to the other arm.


Mover 4: Dumbbell Swing

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees soft, and hold the dumbbell vertically with both hands. Lower your torso down and swing the dumbbell between your legs maintaining a tight core. Push your hips forward, tighten your glutes, and swing the weight in front of you to shoulder height. That’s one rep. Do 15 total.