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Personal Trainers Huntington Beach 

A lot of people, mostly the younger generation, don’t understand the real need for personal trainers.  I get a lot of people saying that it is an unnecessary luxury and if they put their mind to it, they can do it themselves.  This is somewhat true…for 1% of the population.  Others will say that they can learn everything they need from a personal trainer in just a few months, so why continue using them?  The problem with that is again, only 1% of the population will actually follow through.  Now I’m just exaggerating with the actual statistics, but this is a common theme amongst people not getting the results they want and need.


Yes, people can do their own research and get certifications just like all the rest of “Us” did and I’m not going to lie…it wasn’t that hard if it’s something your interested in.  There is a variety of certifications and masters degrees one can get in this industry, which will only add value to a trainer as well as their cost.  


So what should you look for in a trainer?  When it comes down to it, I put these over education, knowledge and experience:


Motivation:  You must have the ability to motivate someone and trust me it’s not the same for every person.  As a trainer you have to find out why they even called you in the first place and also to remind them of that fact.  Some days will require a different type of motivation such as a different type of workout or maybe with other people in competition.  Motivation is easily lost and can easily throw a wrench in the weight loss program.


Flexibility:  Appointments are a thing of the past.  People have hectic schedules and need to have some flexibility in appointment times.  A lot of people refuse to work with trainers simply because of the penalty fees of not showing up to a workout.  Now the other extreme is having someone procrastinate so much that they never show up and I do believe some sense of accountability.  So having a block of times available each day or week that people can switch over to is a sensible solution I have found.


Affordability:  Sometimes an expensive, knowledgeable trainer is worth the money and has extensive knowledge of body mechanics, sports training or supplements. However, not many people will ever get to see all the great things they can do for them because they don’t have a million dollars in the checking account.  Having a few months with an expensive trainer is not as beneficial as having one that you can stay with more consistently and also not break the piggy bank.


Personality: Only a few comments on this portion.  If you can’t stand or get along with someone, why would you want to see them each week.  It makes the whole experience intolerable.  Not every trainer’s personality works with every person out there either.  You have to find someone YOU can relate to at some level.


Obviously education, knowledge and experience hold their own value and are required of every personal trainer, but I don’t think someone should be in this industry without  a few of the other traits I just mentioned.


*Evolve Gym is a private personal training gym located in Huntington Beach servicing the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. We focus in innovative training techniques to achieve weight loss and lean muscle gain.