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PWO Drinks:

There is much controversy in the bodybuilding world about post workout drinks and their effectiveness versus having a well-balanced diet of macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates) throughout the day.  The fact is, as long as you are hitting your caloric goals and protein marker, you are doing amazing.  Spacing out meals and portion sizes is the optimal approach in losing weight and/or gaining muscle. 

Some people believe after a strenuous hour of weight training, that a post workout drink (PWO) helps the body recover and build muscle faster by immediately ingesting these drinks.  Other trainers believe that the evenly spaced out 5-6 meals a day more than enough to compensate for a heavy lifting session and there is no need for an immediate PWO.

Whatever side you agree with, there is one thing that having a PWO does do besides just having another protein shake.  Most PWO’s are a little higher in sugars, which will cause a spike in your insulin levels.  Assuming your not eating a lot of sugar already, a person with a well balanced diet should have enough insulin sensitivity to create this event with a PWO after the workout.  This spike in insulin helps “wash away” lactic acid build up, as well as clearing out some of the cortisol (hormone) levels in your body which are extremely catabolic (muscle damaging).  These effects alone make the PWO a worthy addition to the diet despite the disputes about proper meal planning and liquid diets.

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