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As we all know, the American diet is very high in sodium.  Almost everything in the grocery stores, whether it be canned or boxed, has been processed to help preserve the food.  This processing is done by using a high concentration of sodium to help make the food last longer.  There are many complications and consequences caused by a higher intake of sodium, and for some people can be the cause of higher blood pressure or edema. 

The issue I would like to discuss revolves around personal appearance.  Our bodies have what is called an electrolyte balance which keeps our body’s water supply to a certain salinity.  The balance has sodium on one side and magnesium/potassium on the other.  Too much of one or the other causes an imbalance and can cause some of the implications discussed above.  With every one gram of Sodium, the body will store one gram of water weight along with it.  This causes the body to store more than a normal amount of water weight and causes the “bloating” effect.

Cell-U-Loss contains a blend of these electrolytes as well as some other herbal ingredients, which help restore the sodium levels back to a more natural balance.  This helps flush the unwanted water weight off without losing too much all at once.  Check out this and other health products on our shop site.

*Evolve Gym is a private personal training gym located in Huntington Beach servicing the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. We focus in innovative training tecniques to achieve weight loss and lean muscle gain.

*Any questions about any products mentioned in these supplement products should be directed toward a licensed physician or dietician.