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Evolve Gym’s Guide to Six Pack Secrets

“Six Pack Abs” is one of the most common Google searched terms in the fitness industry.  Many of the articles are quite lengthy, so I will try to keep it as simple.

Let’s begin:

#1  Each person is different in genetic structure….this means that certain people will have a six pack appear based on their lower body fat percentage, height and muscular structure.  Typically body fat ranging from 15% all the way down to 5%.  That being said, certain people will have to work harder for a ‘six pack’ if they have a higher body fat percentage.

#2  A healthy, proper diet is the main way to reduce body fat.  For the taller, elongated abdominal muscle people out there (like myself), you will definitely need to reach single digit body fat percentages for a ‘six pack’ to show.  If you haven’t reached this point yet, please work on lowing your body fat percentage before working on the next steps.

#3  The abdominal muscles need to be worked out a minimum of 3 times a week, in a circuit fashion of no less than 3 exercises.  The abdominal workout must incorporate the upper, lower and obliques abs each time.

#4 Assuming you know where you need to be as far as step #1 & 2 and have achieved it….you have been living the practice of step #3….then here is the key to your salvation.  Just like any other muscle, the only way to get one to grow is to keep increasing the weight until you are satisfied with the results. One can only lose weight to a certain point.  By increasing the size of each section of the abdominals, you are helping to create a more visible structure than by getting too dangerously low on body fat.  This method is definitely a healthier option.

I am 6′ 1″ with a bodyfat % of 8.5.  This was extremely difficult to reach as everyone has I’ve had to live a strict lifestyle.  It’s important to have a balance of healthy lifestyle, yet still able to enjoy life and have cheat meals every so often.  Even at this level, my ab muscles were still faintly visible without having to look from afar.  The solution to this was to add in an intense ab session at the end of the week with as much weight as I could handle including 4-6 different exercises.  I recommend always change the routine to get different angles on each section, as well as just overall shocking the muscles.

Since I have increased my abdominal workout and followed steps 3 & 4, I have been very happy with the results and also have accepted a very important notion: NOT EVERYONE CAN LOOK LIKE ARNOLD!

*Evolve Gym is a private personal training gym located in Huntington Beach servicing the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. We focus in innovative training techniques to achieve weight loss and lean muscle gain.