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How to make your calves smaller
This will be a change of pace.  The whole idea of this blog is to have people with smaller calves try out our program and see what kind of results they can get in getting bigger calves.  If you happened upon this blog in looking for an answer for the opposite effect, let’s discuss it!  
A lot of women who have muscular calves or just plain fat calves are looking for ways to slim down.  I’m assuming that there are probably men more gifted than myself who are looking to adjust their bigger calves to be a bit more proportioned to their body.  You might be lucky enough to have more fast twitch in your calve muscles than most people, but you actually might have too much!  Is there such a thing, haha.  Anyways, here are the best tips I can give you people out there to slim down a bit:
  • ·         STOP training your calves!!!!!!!!  Duh!
  • ·         Refrain from any jumping or sprinting exercises as these tend to put on a fair amount of muscle in that region.
  • ·         Steer more towards using arc trainers or elliptical machines rather than treadmills, bikes or stair climbers.
  • ·         On leg exercises, keep the toes pointed up such as on leg curls.  Pointing that toe down will actually engage the calve muscle and that’s what were not after.
  • ·         Decrease your body fat % (What most people are trying to do anyways right?)
Now don’t stop training legs altogether, that is a huge mistake.  Training the legs is the fastest way to gain enough muscle mass to lose more body fat along with training the rest of the body.  You would be amazed on what a girl with bigger calves at 28% body fat would look like at 18%.  There will definitely be some definition in the calves, but you would be looking at losing 1-3 inches around.  This is especially important for guys with fat calves and ending up with a much defined look by just losing body fat.   
Hope this helps a few people out and until next time everyone!

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