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Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hopefully trick-or-treaters wiped out your candy bucket otherwise you might find yourself munching on candy-corn and m&m”s until it’s time to roast the turkey. Although this is the season to gather with loved ones and share your favorite holiday recipes, you do not have to allow extra slices of pumpkin pie to expand your waistline. Start an exercise program today so you can enjoy your holiday feast and still zip up your pants when it is over. group training girls


Here are some ideas to help you stay healthy and in-shape during the winter:


-Be Active

When guests come to visit, plan an activity to get all of you moving. Some inexpensive and easy ideas are to go for a hike, a walk on the beach, or if the weather allows, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. Take advantage of the Southern California weather. A kid friendly wiffle ball tournament or two hand touch football is also fun way to break a sweat. Evolve gym offers special guest passes for members with visitors in town so there is no excuse to miss training sessions. We also offer bootcamp classes, Thighs Butts and Gutts, and yoga every week and weekend for individuals of all fitness levels. Check out the schedule to view the gym calendar and book your spots.


-Quality over quantity eating

Eating your favorite foods should not make you feel guilty as long as you practice portion control. Fill your plate with fresh veggies, lean meats, and whole grains first and allow yourself small bites of your favorite desserts, side dishes, or treats. Also watch your beverage intake so you do not drink excessive calories. All those holiday drinks like eggnog, hot chocolate, and pumpkin spiced lattes can be deceiving because they are loaded with sugar and calories but you discount them as food. Drinking a glass of water right before you sit down for a meal can also help you control the quantity of food you consume.


-Create a workout calendar

Post a calendar somewhere that is clearly visible to you everyday and schedule in the times you are going to workout that month. If you prefer mornings, lay your exercise clothes out the night before to encourage you to get moving in the AM. If you plan to exercise after work, bring a gym bag and head straight to the gym when you clock out. Don’t fret if something comes up during your scheduled workout time. It is acceptable to take a rest day here or there, just pencil in a makeup workout as soon as possible. An important part of every person’s fitness routine should include a full night’s sleep and drinking enough water throughout the day. The best part of your calendar is the big check mark you get to draw next to each completed workout session.