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the workout in huntington beach


Come workout in Huntington Beach!


I get a lot of buzz about our $18 training here at Evolve Gym and would like to explain a bit more in detail than what shows on our website.  It actually comes out to $18.75, but nonetheless it’s the cheapest training rate in all of Huntington Beach.  This rate is referring to our Group Training rate or Semi-Private training as I like to call it.  We focus on 5 or less groups to keep some personal touch to the training experience but also helps cut down on the cost.  Our packages are $225 for 3 X week, $150 for 2 X week and $75 for 1 X week, which gets that average rate per session of $18.75.


Now you don’t need to sign up with your own group or even select a specific time.  Just as long as you are willing to share the time with the trainer, that is all we ask.  Sometimes, during the late morning to mid afternoon, you might get a private session for no additional cost.  For group training there is not set appointments either.  Our hours are from 6am all the way till 8pm Monday through Friday and certain sessions on Saturday.  This style is perfect for the stay at home mom having to deal with their children’s hectic schedules.


We always give a free session to those who would like to try it.  Also, the membership rates are always month to month so your never trapped.