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stationary bike

No need to let chilly temps, shorter days, rain, or wind stop you from increasing your heart rate. You can bring your sweat session inside. The key is maximizing your workout so you burn more calories in less time. We use a stationary bike, elliptical, and treadmill at Evolve gym to increase your cardiovascular endurance and make sure you hop off injury-free.


The stationary bike

We play music with different tempos while you pedal so you can crank up your speed when the music picks up. Intervals of altering resistance and standing upright will intensify your session and make the time fly. It is important to adjust the height of the seat so your knees are slightly bent when the pedal is at the lowest point. The handlebar should be raised to alleviate lower back pressure. Your back should remain flat with your elbows bent and relaxed. Focus on pulling your foot back and up to the top of your spin rather than jamming down on the pedal.


The elliptical

Time is well spent on this machine when both the resistance and the incline are alternated in intervals. Steeper grades resemble stair climbing and higher resistance will get those leg muscles firing. Be sure to stand straight without leaning. Your head should be up, eyes forward, and hands loosely gripping the handles. Pretend like you are balancing a book on your head so you force your legs to push you through the motions.


The treadmill

Aside from walking, jogging, or running, all of which are great exercises, we have added a few movements to this machine to amp up your workout. Try facing sideways, using the handlebars for balance, and at a slow, controlled speed, do one minute of lateral shuffles followed by one minute of walking or jogging backward. This will incorporate muscle groups not normally used during traditional walking or running. Make sure your neck is neutral with your shoulders pressed down and back. Aim for smaller strides with a quick foot turnover so you stay in safe area on the revolving belt.