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Julie Training

From 5K’s to mud runs and marathons, the number of running events in Southern California is growing. Coming up in February is the Surf City half and full marathon, the LA Tough Mudder in March, and the Seal Beach Run in April to name a few. We know several of Evolve members are signed up and looking forward to participating.


To nail your next race and shoot for a personal best, cross training can help you reach your goals. Preparing for a race does require that you up your mileage so you make it through the entire distance without crawling past the finish line. A weekly run schedule will give you confidence come race day, but the best way to prepare is to add strength and conditioning to your routine as well. Strengthening your muscles will make you a better runner.


Running is not only about endurance and mental toughness. Many underestimate the significance of strength training and its relationship to races. Aside from developed legs to propel you forward, a strong core and arms will greatly improve your speed. Stretching will increase your range of motion and promote good form.


The trainers at Evolve Gym can develop a training program for your next race. Circuit training with running specific exercises will help you gain strength, flexibility, and decrease your chance of injury. Also varying your workouts from just running alone will prevent you from getting bored and will motivate you to stay consistent with your training.


Stop by Evolve or call to set up your race training program today! You will be one step closer to a personal best running time and crossing that finish line in style!