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Ever try training for time?  It’s a nice change of pace from the usual reps and sets routines.  Setting up a workout for time can help shock your body and help build endurance instead of strength.  This is important to do for cardiovascular ability as well as lifting heavier weights later. Being able to lift those heavier weights for more reps that is.


Try this:  Set a minute timer and stage 10 exercises for whatever muscle groups your working that day.  Pick a pair of weights smaller than you would normally think you could do.  Now do as many reps as you can in that minute and then take a minute off for rest.  Finish all 10 exercises this way until you complete all of them.  This will give you a 20 min first round and should feel plenty tired afterwards.  Now, let’s try again, but add a little more weight to the exercises you think you can go up on.  This will be for the same min on, min off routine until all 10 exercises are done again.  Your finished!


This should be part of your training regimen at least once a month to mix up the usual circuit style workouts.  The other two or three days of workouts you have for that week can be done the same way with other muscle groups being targeted.  Be sure to write some of these weights down as maybe somewhere down the line you can pull these workouts out again. Try to increase some of the weights each time you try this and push yourself a bit more.


Good luck to everyone and stay tuned for further fitness tips from Evolve Gym.