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Here is my cheat sheet for optimal weight loss in order of importance:

#1 Having an calorie deficit each day with a more protein conscious diet.  Depending on your height/weight ratio, a good calorie marker is usually between 1500-2000 calories with around 100grams of protein.  Obviously the protein could be higher or lower depending on the stats of the person.  Calorie counters are great if you have time to fill one out each day.  I prefer meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch with real foods for the rest of the day.  This keeps some consistency in your diet and only have to worry about the snacks and dinner.  Check out here for some great breakfast shakes!

#2 Weight training 3-4 days a week.  This is mostly directed at you ladies!  Light weight training for your entire body is far more worthwhile than running yourselves to death on the treadmill.  Builidng lean muscle around your entire body will help raise that metablic rate that will burn off the extra fat without doing anything more with your diet.  For those of you who don’t know your way around a gym, check out a local personal trainer or a weight lifting class at your gym.

#3  Cardiovascular exercise and eating 4-6 small meals a day.  I put these together because there are of the same level of importance and didn’t want to put one over the other.  Everyone knows that aerobic activity burns fat.  Keep trying new activities so you don’t get bored.  The monotony of running on a treadmill for 45 min a couple times a week gets old quick.  Eating smaller meals a day and more frequently will help speed up your metabolic rate that you’ve already increased with your new lean muscle.  Try to get protein in with every meal and snack.  This will keep the carbohydrate digestion a bit slower and keep your blood sugar levels more stable throughout the day.  Remember, carbohydrates in larger quantities are the #1 reason for gaining more weight….not fat!

#4 Supplements for weight loss! Here is my list of the best weight loss supplements:

  1. Caffeiene- coffee is great, but green leaf tea can be a great substitute for the non coffee drinkers.