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Evolve Gym has joined the blogsphere!  We will be posting weekly blog posts regarding nutrition, fitness and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as, Q&A responses to questions you email us.  Please don’t hesitate to email us any questions you would like us to answer!
With that said, we thought fitness synergy was the way to kick off our first blog post!!!
Fitness Synergy: At Evolve Gym, we promote a concept called “fitness synergy” which consists of four key words: DIET, WEIGHT TRAINING, CARDIO, and SUPPLEMENTATION. 
Most people have heard or done most of these things in their life and know of their importance, but we would like to emphasize the entirety of it.  Diet is by far the most important thing in a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss.  Between weight training and cardio, training is ranked a little higher in terms of achieving weight loss only.  We are not expressing anything wrong with doing a lot of cardiovascular activity, as it is good for heart health, as well as weight loss— weight training provides a more stable environment to keep the unwanted pounds off for longer durations.  Lastly, supplementation is a great benefit to add considering all the foods out there packed with the bad saturated fats and sodium. 

To maximize your fitness goals… make sure to incorporate the four key words of “fitness synergy” into your daily routine.  By this I mean you will have a much better shot at losing weight and toning with your best attempt at all four, then just doing one the key areas in full force.

*Evolve Gym is a private personal training gym located in Huntington Beach servicing the Orange and Los Angeles county areas. We focus in innovative training tecniques to achieve weight loss and lean muscle gain.